About Us

It all began in 1952 when Hajia Sayeeda Shamim, lovingly called Dadi, was born in a Keralite family in India. Over the years, Dadi inherited the genes of culinary excellence from her father, a professional chef, and her mother, a great cook. She is now a mother of 4 and a dadi(grandmother) to 12 and children.

The eldest among the group of grandchildren, Syed & Bilaal along with their childhood friend and neighbour, Tilak, were fond of Dadi’s cooking with a special liking for her Biryani. Every time they craved for her delicious lip-smacking biryani, she willingly made it for them. While Dadi was receiving praises from one and all, these enterprising young boys realized that it was time to make available the home-made taste of her special dishes to everyone. With management degrees under their belt, Syed, Bilal & Tilak decided to give wings to their dreams by serving Dadi’s Biryani to global food-lovers. They wish to place Dadi’s home-made Biryani aroma and flavor on the global cuisine map.

The journey has just begun. With their first restaurant, Dadi's Dum Biryani, in Bangalore, the team is looking forward to serving its signature dishes across the globe with time. Dadi’s Dum Biryani ensures that home-made taste is served at its best while keeping the perfect blend of the East and the West.

In time, they look to serve seafood from the cache of 'Dadi’s Kitchen' to Bangaloreans and give them a much-awaited opportunity of savoring fresh coastal cuisine. Gradually, apart from India and GCC countries, Dadi’s Kitchen shall witness its foray into UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

The menu card consists of a number of dishes along with the signature Biryani variants to suit the palate of the vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.